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Data Opportunities in Health Care

We share high-level observations on how your organization can start with what you know about patients to build better, stronger patient relationships.

From Defense to Offense: Shifting the CDO Mindset

From Defense to Offense: Shifting the CDO Mindset

Regardless of industry, size, maturity, or a variety of other organizational factors, CDOs are converging around some core ideas of what their role is—and what that means for their mission.

Rethinking Data Governance

Rethinking Data Governance

What is changing in data governance, how these changes can help you get more value out of your data, and what you can do to adapt to these changes.

Becoming a Data Change Agent

Webinar: Becoming a Data Change Agent—the First 100 Days

Sanjay Mathur, CEO and cofounder of SVDS and Scott Kurth, VP of Advisory Services, will discuss what you can do to begin leading a change in how data is used inside your organization.

Webinar: Understanding Your Organization’s Data Maturity

We believe maturity is defined by the ability to derive value from data: we focus on outcomes, not simply grading base operational capabilities. The first of two online seminars about data maturity, this session will focus on what data is doing for your business to shape the way you assess your capabilities, as well as where you should invest in improvements.

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How Mature Are Your Data Capabilities?

In a previous post on data maturity, we discussed a company that was just embarking on a transformation: launching a new services business and building data capabilities to support that business. But what if you’re not starting from the beginning?

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Understanding Your Data Maturity

No two situations are the same, but we have found one truism: making a data transformation successful requires much more than simply getting the technology right.

Introducing a Value-Centered View of Data Maturity

In this post we introduce our new data maturity model, and include a link to the assessment.