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Thank You

Thank You

We thank our customers, partners, investors, friends and family for their support over the years. And most importantly, we thank our employees for their hard work and dedication to building a great company!

Happy Holidays from SVDS

Happy holidays from SVDS! We wish you peace, prosperity, and happiness this season and in the year ahead.

Crossing the Development to Production Divide

In this post we’ll give an overview of obstacles we’ve faced (you may be able to relate) and talk about solutions to overcome these obstacles.

Q&A: On Being Data-Driven

The best way to spread data-driven thinking through an organization is by proving that you can use data to solve a real business problem.

Managing Uncertainty

Being data-driven is the best way to manage uncertainty—but achieving that is about far more than bringing a bunch of numbers to your latest meeting.

Analyzing Sentiment in Caltrain Tweets

Analyzing Sentiment in Caltrain Tweets

As a first step to using Twitter activity as one of the data sources for train prediction, we start with a simple question: How do Twitter users currently feel about Caltrain?

Learning from Imbalanced Classes

For this month’s Throwback Thursday, a post that provides insight and concrete advice on how to tackle imbalanced data.

John Miller

An accomplished entrepreneurial Client Executive leading SVDS in Financial Services, John has proven experience in building new client relationships and growing them into important accounts. His clear communication style allows him to discuss even the nuances of his subject matter with transparency and expertise—and to keep his teams, his partners, and his clients well informed, resulting in greater cohesiveness and commitment. John is a leader and mentor who helps to raise the performance levels of others through coaching.

Before SVDS, John held a variety of customer-facing roles leading global teams to drive business outcomes by innovating with data and analytics. He is well versed in consulting, data science, and technology, and has worked with clients to solve challenges in many areas, including technology strategic planning, technology program delivery, and large-scale digital transformation programs. He brings industry experience in Financial Services, Energy, Retail and High-Tech.

exploring map compass

Exploring the Possibilities of Artificial Intelligence

In this interview, Paco Nathan discusses making life more livable, AI fears, and more.