Bryan Walker

With a diverse background in technology strategy and solution architecture, Bryan is passionate about helping clients solve their biggest technology problems. He brings experience from several different industries to help clients develop strategies for how to best utilize their data and build a strong competitive advantage.

Bryan brings together a unique background of technology strategy and solution architecture, spaces where he has advised multiple clients in many different industries. Prior to joining SVDS, Bryan was the operations lead for Accenture’s Digital Customer initiative within Accenture Technology Labs. In this role, he developed strategies and advised clients on how to leverage big data architectures and real-time analytics technologies in order to develop more personalized and engaging experiences for retail customers. Prior to working on the Digital Customer initiative, Bryan helped to lead the build-out for some of Accenture’s initial assets for analyzing unstructured text data. He was also one of Accenture’s initial resources in cloud computing, where he designed the new technical architecture for a global energy client’s fuel retail division and authored a cloud and virtualization migration strategy for a large state university.

Throughout his experiences, Bryan has earned a patent in cloud computing technology and has built skills around: AWS, Python, Hadoop, Cassandra, and Tableau.

Brian holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois.

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Past Events


  • Data Architecture Summit 2017

    Chicago, IL

    The Data Architecture Summit provides in-depth education from leading experts specializing in data architecture. We will be there discussing data platform and data governance. Let us know if you you’ll be attending and would like to chat.