Scott Kurth

Building on 20 years of experience making emerging technologies relevant to enterprises, Scott helps clients define and execute the strategies and data architectures that enable differentiated business growth. Building on 20 years of experience making emerging technologies relevant to enterprises, he has advised clients on the impact of technological change, typically working with CIOs, CTOs, and heads of business. He has helped clients drive global technology strategy, conduct prioritization of technology investments, shape alliance strategy based on technology, and build solutions for their businesses.

Prior to Silicon Valley Data Science, Scott was Director of the Data Insights R&D practice within the Accenture Technology Labs. There, he led a team focused on employing emerging technologies to discover the insight contained in data and effectively bring that insight to bear on business processes, enabling new and better outcomes—even entire new business models.

Previously, Scott directed the creation of Accenture’s Technology Vision, an analysis published annually of emerging technology trends impacting the future of IT for Accenture and its clients. He was responsible for tracking emerging technologies, analyzing their transformational potential, and using it to influence technology strategy for both Accenture and its clients.

Recent Posts

Effective Data Leadership

The First 100 Days: FAQs

Most companies are still trying to figure out how their data leaders can make a real impact in a short time frame. Here are some FAQ for CDOs.

100 Days Data Revolution

You Have 100 Days to Lead a Data Revolution

We believe CDOs have 100 days to get this digital transformation rolling downhill and towards a successful conclusion. If the basic building blocks aren’t in place and moving towards real progress by then, there is trouble ahead.

data strategy

SVDS Data Strategy: New Video Available

We’re happy to announce that we have produced Developing a Modern Enterprise Data Strategy as a video product, available from O’Reilly Media and Safari Books Online.

butterfly cocoon maturity

How Mature Are Your Data Capabilities?

In a previous post on data maturity, we discussed a company that was just embarking on a transformation: launching a new services business and building data capabilities to support that business. But what if you’re not starting from the beginning?

Measuring tape

Understanding Your Data Maturity

No two situations are the same, but we have found one truism: making a data transformation successful requires much more than simply getting the technology right.

Is Your Data Holding You Back?

In this post, we will discuss what “real” gaps in data look like and how to find them in your organization.

Introducing a Value-Centered View of Data Maturity

In this post we introduce our new data maturity model, and include a link to the assessment.

The “Why?” Behind a Modern Enterprise Data Strategy

Scott Kurth, John Akred, and Julie Steele discuss developing a modern data strategy during an Ask Me Anything at Strata NY 2015. This was originally posted on the O’Reilly Media Data blog.

Past Events


  • Webinar: Becoming a Data Change Agent—the First 100 Days


    Sanjay Mathur, CEO and cofounder of SVDS and Scott Kurth, VP of Advisory Services, will discuss what you can do to begin leading a change in how data is used inside your organization.

  • Webinar: Understanding Your Organization’s Data Maturity


    We believe maturity is defined by the ability to derive value from data: we focus on outcomes, not simply grading base operational capabilities. The first of two online seminars about data maturity, this session will focus on what data is doing for your business to shape the way you assess your capabilities, as well as where you should invest in improvements.

  • Strata + Hadoop World London 2017


    Strata + Hadoop World London focuses on how to make data-driven decisions across industries. Several of us will be there in May, discussing platforms, strategy, and tools. Let us know if you’ll be attending and would like to chat.

  • Strata + Hadoop World CA 2017

    San Jose, CA

    Many of us will be at Strata in San Jose, and we’d love to see you there! Come learn more about data platforms, data strategy, business tools, and more.


  • Strata + Hadoop World Singapore 2016

    Suntec City, Singapore

    CTO John Akred and VP of Advisory Services Scott Kurth will be in Singapore this winter, talking about data strategy, and tools for your business. Let us know if you’ll be there, and we look forward to saying hi.

  • Enterprise Dataversity 2016

    Chicago, IL

    Several of us will be in Chicago this year, presenting tutorials on data strategy, data platforms, and how to manage data science in the enterprise. CTO John Akred will also be taking part in a panel about how to strengthen your data strategy skills.

  • Strata + Hadoop World London 2016


    Several of us will be presenting, talking about platforms, strategies, and tools. We’ve love to see you there! Join us for our tutorials and sessions, or come ask questions during our Office Hour.

  • Strata + Hadoop World

    San Jose, CA

    Many of us will be at the Strata Conference + Hadoop World 2016 in San Jose, and we’d love to see you there!


  • Enterprise Dataversity

    Chicago, IL

    SVDS presents two tutorials: one on Data Strategy and one on building a Data Platform. In addition, Edd Dumbill participates in a panel, “The Data-Driven Organization – New Roles and Relationships.”

  • Strata + Hadoop World NY 2015

    New York, NY

    Several of us will be at the Strata + Hadoop World 2015 Conference in New York in September and we’d love to see you there. Join us for our tutorials and sessions, or come visit us at our booth in the Expo Hall.

  • NoSQL Now!

    San Jose, CA

    What are the essential components of a data platform? SVDS presents a tutorial that will explain how the various parts of the Hadoop and big data ecosystem fit together in production to create a data platform supporting batch, interactive and real-time analytical workloads.

  • UNSTRUCTURED Data Science Pop-Up

    Chicago, IL

    At this intimate day-long forum for data science practitioners, SVDS participates in a panel on data strategy moderated by O’Reilly Media’s Tim McGovern and gives a talk on running data science teams.

  • Keys to Data Strategy


    This highly interactive online seminar, led by John Akred and Scott Kurth, explains how we work to solve real business challenges with data, and build a platform for the future.