Brad Allen

Brad is fascinated by emerging technologies and the role they play in business transformation. He has worked at the intersection of engineering and business in several “first to market” companies—including at Peloton Technology (transportation), Aclima (air quality), and Embrace (healthcare)—and is excited to use this perspective to help clients create value.

Recent Posts

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How Mature Are Your Data Capabilities?

In a previous post on data maturity, we discussed a company that was just embarking on a transformation: launching a new services business and building data capabilities to support that business. But what if you’re not starting from the beginning?

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Understanding Your Data Maturity

No two situations are the same, but we have found one truism: making a data transformation successful requires much more than simply getting the technology right.

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Is Your Customer Journey Set Up for Success?

In this post, we’ll walk through some examples of how we have seen data capabilities determine the success of customer journey initiatives for our clients.

Introducing a Value-Centered View of Data Maturity

In this post we introduce our new data maturity model, and include a link to the assessment.