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Crossing the Development to Production Divide

In this post we’ll give an overview of obstacles we’ve faced (you may be able to relate) and talk about solutions to overcome these obstacles.

connecting data science and business puzzle pieces

Merging Data Science and Business

Business leaders cannot afford to ignore their organization’s data—rather, that data should be used to make informed decisions. In this post, Principal Data Scientist Tom Fawcett and Professor of Data Science Foster Provost discuss how businesses can make the most of their analytical teams. Tom and Foster are the authors of Data Science for Business. What aspect […]

Becoming Data-Driven: A Conversation with Sanjay Mathur

Making truly data-driven decisions can be a daunting task. Learn the first steps businesses can take, and why the effort is worthwhile.

health care data

Data Opportunities in Health Care

We share high-level observations on how your organization can start with what you know about patients to build better, stronger patient relationships.

Creating a Digital Strategy

Let the key aspirations that define the vision for your company be the cornerstones of your approach towards digitization. This ensures that the areas in your digitization plan are the right ones to focus on.

Effective Data Leadership

The First 100 Days: FAQs

Most companies are still trying to figure out how their data leaders can make a real impact in a short time frame. Here are some FAQ for CDOs.

100 Days Data Revolution

You Have 100 Days to Lead a Data Revolution

We believe CDOs have 100 days to get this digital transformation rolling downhill and towards a successful conclusion. If the basic building blocks aren’t in place and moving towards real progress by then, there is trouble ahead.

Building a Data-Driven Culture

By far the most difficult thing in being data-driven is getting the right data in the first place.

Rethinking Data Governance

Rethinking Data Governance

What is changing in data governance, how these changes can help you get more value out of your data, and what you can do to adapt to these changes.