Heather Nelson

A problem-solver by nature, Heather is passionate about helping organizations leverage data to drive competitive advantage. She draws across a diverse background in business and technology consulting to find the best solutions for her clients’ toughest data problems.

Heather has led a wide range of data science and data engineering projects across a variety of industries including health, financial services, and retail. In particular, she has extensive experience in unstructured data text extraction, data analysis, data conversions, data visualization, and business case development. She also has hands on experience with many data tools and technologies such as Tableau, WEKA, SQL, Java, R, Hadoop, and Pig.

Heather is particularly passionate about facilitating data-driven business decisions, and leverages her background in technology to marry the right solutions with the right business problems. At SVDS, she has led implementation teams to build real-time inventory management systems that serve the eCommerce website at a Fortune-50 retailer, among other projects.

Heather holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of Missouri, where she graduated with highest honors.

Recent Posts

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In this post we’ll give an overview of obstacles we’ve faced (you may be able to relate) and talk about solutions to overcome these obstacles.

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Crossing the Development to Production Divide

We know what it’s like to deal with complex production deployments that cover the gamut from infrastructure upgrades, to feature deployments, to data migrations, where each step threatens to derail the plan. In this post she’ll give an overview of obstacles she’s faced (you may be able to relate) and talk about solutions to overcome these obstacles.

Past Events


  • Strata Data Conference New York 2017

    New York, NY

    The Strata Data Conference is where cutting-edge science and new business fundamentals intersect—and merge. Several of us will be there in September, discussing platforms, strategy, and tools. Let us know if you’ll be attending and would like to chat.

  • Data Dialogues: Data Strategy


    The Data Strategy track of our webinar series focuses on creating and continuously updating your data strategy. Register now!

  • OSCON Texas 2017

    Austin, TX

    OSCON is a long-running conference focused on open source technology and communities. We’ll be there talking about our “push button” infrastructure tool.

  • Enterprise Data World 2017

    Atlanta, GA

    Enterprise Data World focuses on data-driven business. Several of us will be there this year, talking about data platforms and enterprise data science. Let us know if you’ll be there, or you can sign up to receive our slides.


  • Enterprise Dataversity 2016

    Chicago, IL

    Several of us will be in Chicago this year, presenting tutorials on data strategy, data platforms, and how to manage data science in the enterprise. CTO John Akred will also be taking part in a panel about how to strengthen your data strategy skills.


  • UNSTRUCTURED Data Science Pop-Up

    Chicago, IL

    At this intimate day-long forum for data science practitioners, SVDS participates in a panel on data strategy moderated by O’Reilly Media’s Tim McGovern and gives a talk on running data science teams.