Sanjay Mathur

Passionate about driving business forward with emerging technology, Sanjay has built his career on innovating with data and analytics. With broad experience in industry, Sanjay has had customer-facing roles leading global teams in product development, R&D, management consulting and sales.

Recent Posts

Becoming Data-Driven: A Conversation with Sanjay Mathur

Making truly data-driven decisions can be a daunting task. Learn the first steps businesses can take, and why the effort is worthwhile.

100 Days Data Revolution

You Have 100 Days to Lead a Data Revolution

We believe CDOs have 100 days to get this digital transformation rolling downhill and towards a successful conclusion. If the basic building blocks aren’t in place and moving towards real progress by then, there is trouble ahead.

Ways the C-Suite Can Embrace Failure

Three Ways the C-Suite Can Embrace (Gulp) Failure

You can’t avoid failure, but you can learn to cope and make the most of it.

SVDS Strengthens Executive and Advisory Team

I’m excited to announce two new members of our team: Antony Falco (VP, Product & Innovation) and Nayla Rizk (Advisor).

One Year Later, Observations on the Big Data Market

Back in 2014, we discussed how the market looked like on our first birthday. As we hit three years, it seems like an appropriate time to look back on those observations, and see where we are now.

data-driven interview

Becoming Data Driven: A Conversation with Sanjay Mathur

CEO Sanjay Mathur recently took time to discuss first steps businesses can take when becoming data driven, and why the effort is worthwhile. You can find the full interview here.

Sanjay Mathur at Cultivate

Cultivating an Experimental Enterprise

Last month, SVDS CEO Sanjay Mathur spoke at O’Reilly’s conference on engineering leadership, Cultivate, about Eating Change for Breakfast. While on site at the event, he spoke with Radar’s managing editor, Jenn Webb, about creating an Experimental Enterprise.

What Your Board of Directors Wants to Know About Big Data

In Fall 2014, Sanjay spoke about “Unlocking Business Opportunity from Big Data” to a group of former CEOs and senior business executives. This Throwback Thursday post shares some questions they had, and advice he gave.

Data: What Industry Wants

Since launching Silicon Valley Data Science, we hear three issues more often than anything else in the conversations we have with our clients: handling data overload, choosing analytic approaches, and having the right skills and resources. Let’s take a look at these.

Becoming Data-Driven: Are You up to the Challenge?

If you feel ready to start building your own Experimental Enterprise, these are some questions you need to ask of your organization, and traps you need to avoid.

SVDS Announces New Location in Chicago

We’re pleased to announce some wonderful news this morning: SVDS is opening our second office, in Chicago!

Ignition Spark: Mike Franklin joins SVDS as Advisor

It gives us great pleasure to announce that a key member of the Spark team, Professor Michael Franklin, has joined our advisory board.

What Your Board of Directors Wants to Know About Big Data

I recently spoke about “Unlocking Business Opportunity from Big Data” to a group of former CEOs and senior business executives. Here are some questions they had.

Women in Statistics Conference 2014

Tatsiana Maskalevich, Data Scientist, and Rachel Poulsen, Data Scientist, will be presenting at the inaugural Women In Statistics conference.

Stampedecon 2014: Piloting Big Data

John Akred, CTO, and Stephen O’Sullivan, Distinguished Architect, will be presenting at StampedeCon.

One Year Later, Observations on the Big Data Market

We recently celebrated our first birthday here at Silicon Valley Data Science.

Data: What Industry Wants

What should you do with data? That’s the overwhelming question facing industry today.

Welcome to Silicon Valley Data Science

We created our company to help bring data-driven innovation from Silicon Valley to the business world.

Past Events


  • Data Dialogues: Data Strategy


    The Data Strategy track of our webinar series focuses on creating and continuously updating your data strategy. Register now!

  • Data Dialogues: Data in Practice


    The Data in Practice track focuses on modern techniques for efficient execution of your data strategy. Register now!

  • Webinar: Becoming a Data Change Agent—the First 100 Days


    Sanjay Mathur, CEO and cofounder of SVDS and Scott Kurth, VP of Advisory Services, will discuss what you can do to begin leading a change in how data is used inside your organization.

  • Strata + Hadoop World London 2017


    Strata + Hadoop World London focuses on how to make data-driven decisions across industries. Several of us will be there in May, discussing platforms, strategy, and tools. Let us know if you’ll be attending and would like to chat.


  • AGC’s 2016 Boston Technology Conference

    Boston, MA

    CEO Sanjay Mathur will be in Boston this year, talking about SVDS and meeting other executives. Let us know if you’ll be attending.

  • Cultivate

    San Jose, CA

    CEO Sanjay Mathur will be presenting on how to build an Experimental Enterprise.


  • Design Automation Conference

    San Francisco

    CEO Sanjay Mathur takes part in a panel with other leading experts from both within and outside the EDA industry, who will share their perspectives on Big Data strategy and implementation.