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How to Grow Your Data Capital

How to Grow Your Data Capital

The ability to generate future potential through operating your current business is the ultimate definition of what it means to be data-driven: when value, and not solely decision-making, is being driven by data.

Five Business Challenges Data Can Solve

In today’s business climate, executives understandably want to see both early results and a long-term direction. A data strategy helps meet business needs, while ordering work in a way that respects constraints and creates future opportunities.

Getting Value Faster with a Data Strategy

In this post, we’ll look at the components that make up a modern data strategy, and how they work to bring you business value quickly

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SVDS Data Strategy: New Video Available

We’re happy to announce that we have produced Developing a Modern Enterprise Data Strategy as a video product, available from O’Reilly Media and Safari Books Online.

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How Mature Are Your Data Capabilities?

In a previous post on data maturity, we discussed a company that was just embarking on a transformation: launching a new services business and building data capabilities to support that business. But what if you’re not starting from the beginning?

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Minding Your Data Gaps

In this post we look at how to visualize data gaps, and engage senior leadership.

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Understanding Your Data Maturity

No two situations are the same, but we have found one truism: making a data transformation successful requires much more than simply getting the technology right.

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Is Your Customer Journey Set Up for Success?

In this post, we’ll walk through some examples of how we have seen data capabilities determine the success of customer journey initiatives for our clients.

Is Your Data Holding You Back?

In this post, we will discuss what “real” gaps in data look like and how to find them in your organization.