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From Data Managers to Platform Providers

We are seeing evidence of an important pattern: the creation of internal service platform to meet the data science and analytic needs of organizations.


Noteworthy Links: Artificial Intelligence

Interested in how AI is being applied out in the real world? Check out these stories, ranging from fighting food insecurity, to a very low-level version of a butler.

How to Choose a Data Format

In this post we provide a framework for choosing a data format, and provide some example use cases.

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Realize the Business Power of Your Data with DevOps

If you are on the path to being a data-driven company, you have to be on the path to being a development-enabled company.

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Data Pipelines in Hadoop

In this post we’ll look at some real world examples of managing headaches while moving to Hadoop.

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Easily Spinning up Data Platforms

A quick overview of the motivation behind our instant and repeatable data platform tool.

Predictive Maintenance for IoT

In this post, we’ll cut through some of the ambiguity around IoT applications, and introduce an example data science problem relevant to the IoT world.

DeepDream: Accelerating Deep Learning With Hardware

The DeepGramAI Hackathon has concluded, check out the project that Data Engineer Matthew Rubashkin worked on.


Making Spark and Kafka Data Pipelines Manageable with Tuning

In this post, we’ll walk you through how to use tuning to make your Spark/Kafka pipelines more manageable.