Noteworthy Links: Artificial Intelligence

May 4th, 2017

Interested in how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being applied out in the real world? Check out the stories below, ranging from fighting food insecurity, to a very low-level version of a butler.

Farm robots—The FarmView project out of Carnegie Mellon University is focused on how technology can help farmers. This article looks at how one of their robots is helping out on a sorghum farm in South Carolina. Among other things, the robot helps the farmer gather data on their crops faster and more efficiently. The FarmView researchers hope that their work can eventually tackle food insecurity.

Dance Dance Convolution—Remember Dance Dance Revolution (DDR)? Well, more machines have entered the world of dance. DDR’s continued popularity inspired a group at UC San Diego to create a choreographing program. While this is a cool idea, the article points out that this is another area of human creativity that technology now has a hand in. What that means for the art of dance is debatable, but an interesting thought exercise.

Guide to building a chess AI—Using JavaScript, this post walks you through building a chess AI, and includes some next steps at the end if you want to get even more complicated and refined. If you try this out, comment and let us know if you’re able to beat what you’ve created!

Build a talking, face-recognizing doorbell for about $100—Want your doorbell to alert you to who is visiting? This post walks through how to set that up, using Amazon Echo and Raspberry Pi. It includes the hardware, as well as suggestions for storing your video.

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