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connecting data science and business puzzle pieces

Merging Data Science and Business

Business leaders cannot afford to ignore their organization’s data—rather, that data should be used to make informed decisions. In this post, Principal Data Scientist Tom Fawcett and Professor of Data Science Foster Provost discuss how businesses can make the most of their analytical teams. Tom and Foster are the authors of Data Science for Business. What aspect […]

Thomas Larson

An accomplished entrepreneurial IT Sales Executive, Tom has proven experience in working with enterprise-scale clients and introducing new technology solutions from a variety of companies into the marketplace. He possesses extensive IT knowledge and has worked to help clients solve technical challenges in many areas, including strategic planning, cloud computing, business architecture, and enterprise architecture.

Tom has been recognized for building strong client relationships with a deep level of trust. His work at SVDS focuses on helping our clients transform their businesses by identifying and efficiently completing value-focused data science and engineering projects.

marbles small files

Handling Small Files in MapR-FS

In this post, we will discuss how dealing with small files is different if you are using MapR-FS rather than the traditional HDFS installation.

Robert Bland

Robert has spent more than two decades in the tech sector with his eye on the leading edge of innovation. He’s passionate about helping clients look forward, finding the best way to handle business challenges. He is energized by the current opportunity to address sprawling legacy infrastructure in ways that create real value for the business.

Becoming Data-Driven: A Conversation with Sanjay Mathur

Making truly data-driven decisions can be a daunting task. Learn the first steps businesses can take, and why the effort is worthwhile.


A global agricultural company wanted to grow its analytical capabilities to improve its decision making and provide digitally-integrated solutions to growers.

Silicon Valley Data Science provided a path forward to close gaps in their data assets and supporting analytics infrastructure.

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time management feature bees

Taming Busyness

Time will control if not controlled. In this post we share some tips for better time management.

Cynthia Toriumi

Cynthia spent the first 10 years of her career in hotel sales in Texas and loved the nuances of the event industry. This led to 15 years in event registration / database management, both in sales and project management. Wrangling all those details made for a natural transition to executive administration opportunities. After many years in the Lone Star State, Cynthia has recently transitioned to Chicago.

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time management feature bees

Taming Busyness

Time will control if not controlled. In this post we share some tips for better time management.

machine learning

A financial software company’s technology group wanted to support machine learning capabilities that would enable business objectives across the company.

Silicon Valley Data Science provided a machine learning capabilities assessment, a tool and technology evaluation, and architectural recommendations.

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