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A global insurance company needed a design to easily, quickly, and dynamically scale a service infrastructure to support real time data science workloads up to 10 PB.

Silicon Valley Data Science advised the client on how to move big data workloads into the public cloud.

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agility course

A UK retail and banking company needed an enterprise data platform to support their top priority programs: transforming their loyalty program, improving store optimization, and meeting new regulatory requirements.

Silicon Valley Data Science built and launched a scalable and extensible data platform to meet current and future needs.

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data platform building

A global online media company was struggling to get a better understanding of their users within and across applications.

Silicon Valley Data Science designed and prototyped a data platform to support rapid user growth, and launch a new application critical to the client’s bottom line.

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health care data

Data Opportunities in Health Care

We share high-level observations on how your organization can start with what you know about patients to build better, stronger patient relationships.

retail case study

A UK retail and banking company needed a data strategy and a data platform to pursue reinventing the customer experience and improving store optimization.

Silicon Valley Data Science delivered a data strategy, architecture blueprint, as well as phased roadmap with a clear set of options and investment recommendations.

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Noteworthy Links: Data-Driven Marketing

Is your company using data-driven marketing? Below are some links that illustrate data’s importance in marketing, including a concrete example in the travel industry.

Creating a Digital Strategy

Let the key aspirations that define the vision for your company be the cornerstones of your approach towards digitization. This ensures that the areas in your digitization plan are the right ones to focus on.

target customers

A financial software company wanted to launch a new lending business that could lead to a new source of revenue. Silicon Valley Data Science applied agile data science methods to target customers based on need and likelihood of approval.

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Dollar bills for fintech

Summary A fintech startup wanted to launch in US and European markets via a mobile banking app offering a personalized, data-driven customer experience. Silicon Valley Data Science developed a launch plan, including the necessary prioritized data sources, architecture, and analytical methods. Background and Business Problem Our client, a fintech startup, seeks to provide a more […]

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