Global Insurance Company — Data Architecture



A global insurance company needed a design to easily, quickly, and dynamically scale a service infrastructure to support real time data science workloads up to 10 PB.

Silicon Valley Data Science advised the client on how to move big data workloads into the public cloud.

Background and Business Problem

A global insurance company had achieved success in operationalizing early data use cases, notably in its data innovation lab and operating entities. However, they realized that they were suffering from an inability to dynamically scale their new enterprise-wide shared service infrastructure to support a multitude of emerging real time use cases.

Specifically, our client wanted a blueprint for a data platform that allowed for scalability, data residency in specific named countries, and incorporation of additional advanced functionality over time (e.g. data streaming and real time processing). They also wanted to take advantage of cloud services so that they would not need to custom develop platform capabilities where possible. Our client needed specific recommendations to make this possible.

cloud readiness


SVDS assessed multiple cloud providers across dimensions such as scalability, cost, security, maturity, and lock-in against our client’s specific use cases and primary requirements for the cloud. To do so, we needed to first define a global reference architecture that met their use cases, was available quickly, was capital efficient, and was future-proof. All this while maintaining stringent standards around security and compliance.

The global reference architecture provided a blueprint for scoring each dimension against cloud provider specific ”infrastructure as a service” (IaaS) and “platform as a service” (PaaS) capabilities. It also provided a roadmap for the client to know how to migrate their use cases to the cloud.

We provided the client with overall confidence, and with detailed recommendations on how to move big data workloads into the public cloud, in a way that met the client’s security, compliance, and operational requirements on a worldwide basis.

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