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Themes from JupyterCon 2017

This past August was the first JupyterCon—an O’Reilly-sponsored conference around the Jupyter ecosystem, held in NYC. In this post we look at the major themes from the conference, and some top talks from each theme.

Effective Data Leadership

The First 100 Days: FAQs

Most companies are still trying to figure out how their data leaders can make a real impact in a short time frame. Here are some FAQ for CDOs.

From Defense to Offense: Shifting the CDO Mindset

From Defense to Offense: Shifting the CDO Mindset

Regardless of industry, size, maturity, or a variety of other organizational factors, CDOs are converging around some core ideas of what their role is—and what that means for their mission.

Make the Most of Your Data

Making fuller use of the data you already have often allows you to derive the insights that can fundamentally change your business. Our Data Dialogues series can teach you how.

Mind Reading

Mind Reading: Using Artificial Neural Nets to Predict Viewed Image Categories From EEG Readings

Earlier this year, YCombinator-backed startup DeepGram hosted a deep learning hackathon. This post describes the winning project.

Exploratory data analysis in Python

Exploratory Data Analysis in Python

We summarize the objectives and contents of our PyCon tutorial, and then provide instructions for following along so you can begin developing your own EDA skills.

From Data Managers to Platform Providers

We are seeing evidence of an important pattern: the creation of internal service platform to meet the data science and analytic needs of organizations.

Pile of colorful spinning top toys

Easily Spinning up Data Platforms

A quick overview of the motivation behind our instant and repeatable data platform tool.

Models: From the Lab to the Factory

Deploying a model without a rigorous process in place has consequences. We go over techniques for successful deployment and management.