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The Value of Exploratory Data Analysis

In this post, we will give a high level overview of what EDA typically entails and then describe three of the major ways EDA is critical to successfully model and interpret its results.

When Decisions Are Driven by More Than Data

Stories are all about relationships, and so are data. It’s not the datapoints, or the nodes, that matter—it’s the edges between them that paint the trendlines and allow us to say something about our future.

Embracing Experimentation at AstroHackWeek 2016

Senior Data Scientist Jonathan Whitmore talks about experimentation and agility, based on his time at the unconference.

With Data, Ask “What” Before “How”

At the Strata + Hadoop World conference in New York last week, there were an impressive 16 tracks of session talks. A lot of them focused on the tools that everyone is excited about, but I focused on the goals people are using data science to accomplish. Here are a few of the sessions that stood out.

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Predix Transform 2016

We detail insights learned while attending the recent Predix Transform conference.

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Building Pipelines to Understand User Behavior

In this post, we cover what’s needed to understand user activity, and we look at some pipeline architectures that support this analysis.

Working Effectively in Data Science Teams

On April 21st, SVDS hosted the WWCode Silicon Valley chapter in our Mountain View office; we gave a talk titled Working Effectively in Data Science Teams.

IoT and Resilient Systems

We believe there are clearly some compelling value propositions that come from integrating the visibility from the IoT into applications that help understand and manage the state of complex systems. With the internet of things, the more things, really, the merrier.

Sanjay Mathur at Cultivate

Cultivating an Experimental Enterprise

Last month, SVDS CEO Sanjay Mathur spoke at O’Reilly’s conference on engineering leadership, Cultivate, about Eating Change for Breakfast. While on site at the event, he spoke with Radar’s managing editor, Jenn Webb, about creating an Experimental Enterprise.