Welcome to Silicon Valley Data Science

July 19th, 2013

We created our company to help bring data-driven innovation from Silicon Valley to the business world, bringing an agile and iterative approach to creating value with data.

That there is value in data is widely acknowledged, but the majority of businesses are not gaining advantage from it. Just having access to more data doesn’t bestow business benefit. Competitive advantage belongs to those who master both the business and technical competencies necessary to use their data as a strategic weapon.

Our team at Silicon Valley Data Science is unique in its deep experience and success in creating transformative, data-driven business capabilities. Building on modern, scalable technology platforms, we know how to deliver these capabilities with confidence.

Information trapped in a data warehouse only lets you catch up with yesterday. Technology has evolved rapidly with game-changing advances in both storage and analytical processing architectures, enabling companies to treat data as a strategic asset.

It’s no surprise that many new data technologies emerge from the web-scale titans of Silicon Valley. These companies have pioneered an approach to engineering data architectures that fluidly support rapid, iterative data-driven product innovation. The storied teams from companies such as Google, PayPal, LinkedIn and Facebook were small and agile relative to their accomplishments, iterating to solutions, scaling analytical systems, and rapidly delivering products and services on top of them. We will bring that method of data science to leading enterprises—and so name ourselves Silicon Valley Data Science not for the location, but for the approach.

In our experience, it is when truly gifted teams that combine the skills of data science, engineering, and architecture are unleashed on a business problem that transformative capabilities are born. We have brought together pioneers: creative problem solvers who have implemented first-of-kind systems at the scale of the world’s largest and most complex organizations. We field a team of data all-stars who strive for excellence in all they do, with experience across those critical disciplines, and who are highly effective at working together.

Our passion is to deeply understand the world through data, and engineer solutions to its hardest problems. We live and breathe data, and believe that the opportunity for step-change from data-driven innovation has only just begun. We are committed to actively contributing to the community and ecosystem, from which we all benefit tremendously.

This is only the beginning for our company, and we look forward to helping propel our relatively young science forward. You can follow along by reading this blog, following us @svdatascience or dropping us a note directly at info@svds.com.

John Akred and Sanjay Mathur