Christian Perez

Whether it is single molecule biophysics or on-chip waveguides for next-gen laser-based digital logic, Christian always finds himself at the cutting edge of interdisciplinary fields. His mission is to help clients solve their hard problems at the intersection of big data engineering, data mining, and predictive analytics.

Over the last decade, Christian has created software and wrangled data in various forms at Intel, HP, Cornell, MIT, and biotech and education startups. While at Stanford, he built the instrument and software that acquires multi-dimensional time series data on biological macromolecules (DNA, RNA, and polymerases) and wrote the analysis software suite in Python and mongoDB to unravel RNA folding kinetics from mechanical and optical measurements from thousands of independent experiments. At SVDS, he has been using Spark and Scala to facilitate real-time event processing and batch analysis in Impala. In addition to these intellectual pursuits, he also worked with a Stanford design team to invent an low-cost, easy-to-use fertilizer device for low-income Cambodian rice farmers.

Christian holds a PhD in Physics from Stanford University and a BS in Engineering Physics (minor in Computer Engineering) from Case Western Reserve University.

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