Ignition Spark: Mike Franklin joins SVDS as Advisor

October 30th, 2014

Everyone at the Strata + Hadoop World Conference in New York earlier this month came away with one strong message: Apache Spark matters.

At Silicon Valley Data Science, we believe in building data architectures that are well-matched to business problems, and Spark gives us a powerful new tool in our arsenal.

Mike Franklin

Prof. Mike Franklin

As a fast engine for big data processing, Spark enables businesses to work more interactively with large data sets. Moreover, Spark is easy to use for developers, cutting down the time it takes to develop new applications. In short, Spark brings big data analysis up to the speed of human thought.

It gives me great pleasure, then, to announce that a key member of the Spark team, Professor Michael Franklin, has joined our advisory board. As Director of Berkeley’s Algorithms, Machines, and People Laboratory (AMPlab), Mike has overseen and nurtured many notable developments, including the Berkeley Data Analytics Stack, from which Apache Spark originated. Over the course of 2014, Mike has brought us valuable insight and direction with Spark and its associated technologies.

As we continue to invest in Spark and other cutting-edge big data technologies, we are very excited to be doing this with the expertise and advice that Mike brings.