Webinar Series A: Data Science

Data Dialogues: Data Strategy

The Data Strategy track focuses on creating and continuously updating your data strategy.

We’re excited to share with you a series of new webinars designed to help you create and execute on a solid data strategy for your organization. We’ve divided these sessions into two parallel tracks: Data Strategy for more strategy-focused topics, and Data in Practice for more execution-focused topics. You can register for as many sessions as you like: chose one track or some from each track.

Each session will be one hour long, and will be recorded. The sessions will provide detailed information from our expert colleagues, but will also leave a good amount of time for Q&A, so we do recommend attending the live sessions in order to be part of the discussion! However, even if are unable to attend on the particular date, please do indicate your interest in the topic so we can be sure to follow up by sending you a link to the recording.

Session 1A&B: What it Means to be Data-Driven

This session will introduce the webinar series. We’ll tell you a little more about SVDS as a company and what makes our perspective on using data to improve your business unique.

Session 2A: Getting Real World Results with Data Science

Your organization has long-term goals to meet, but technology and market landscapes change quickly. Agility is the key to success. This session discusses in detail what that means and how to do it well.

Session 3A: Simplifying the Analytics Ecosystem

Hadoop. Spark. Docker. Maven. It’s not just Oracle and SAS anymore! This session will discuss how to navigate tool and technology selection to ensure you’re making the right investments.

Session 4A: The One Key Skill of the CDO

Chief Data Officers must embody an almost impossible set of skills: technical chops, business domain expertise, political savvy, and executive-level experience. But one thing is even more important than those.