Cultivating an Experimental Enterprise

April 26th, 2016

Last month, SVDS CEO Sanjay Mathur spoke at O’Reilly’s conference on engineering leadership, Cultivate, about How to Eat Change for Breakfast. While on site at the event, he spoke with Radar’s managing editor, Jenn Webb, about creating an Experimental Enterprise. You can watch their full conversation above.

Here are some notable highlights:

  • At 0:21, Sanjay says that the reason we call it an Experimental Enterprise is the importance of adapting based on the information that you have. Data needs to change how you operate, he says, not just get stuck in a report.
  • At 2:02, Sanjay describes how the most effective experimental enterprises work to automate away the decisions that don’t require humans, and let their people focus on making the hard choices about strategy and other nuanced topics that computers aren’t well equipped to make. Where humans and data interact, he prompts, “Where is it that, if you used new data or a new translation of data, you could make a different business decision than you could before?”
  • At 2:55, Sanjay outlines three questions that executives who want to be more data-driven should ask themselves, as well as three pitfalls to avoid. (For a more in-depth discussion of these ideas, see his recent blog post, “Becoming Data-Driven: Are You up to the Challenge?”.)
  • At 4:40, Sanjay says some of the most interesting companies he’s seeing are the ones that are putting a new layer of analytics on the data they have. “Where is there impact?” he asks. “What business applications are you supporting?”

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