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Is Your Customer Journey Set Up for Success?

In this post, we’ll walk through some examples of how we have seen data capabilities determine the success of customer journey initiatives for our clients.


Noteworthy Links: Using Data Creatively

Being data-driven means breaking down silos within organizations, promoting communication, and being deliberate about the data you collect and use. Here are five articles that illustrate how modern organizations are tackling this challenge.

How Do You Build a Data Product?

Data products are those whose core functions leverage data, be they physical products, software, or services. Edd dives deeper into building data products here.

We Need a New Data Architecture: What Next?

In this revamped classic, Edd looks at the challenges of moving forward with a new architecture, and where you need to start.

5 Ways to Facilitate Failure

Failure is appealing as a stepping stone along the path to innovation, but it’s very scary in practice—especially when you can’t yet see where the path is leading. We’d like to suggest the following five guidelines as a place to start.

One Year Later, Observations on the Big Data Market

Back in 2014, we discussed how the market looked like on our first birthday. As we hit three years, it seems like an appropriate time to look back on those observations, and see where we are now.

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Becoming Data Driven: A Conversation with Sanjay Mathur

CEO Sanjay Mathur recently took time to discuss first steps businesses can take when becoming data driven, and why the effort is worthwhile. You can find the full interview here.

Successful Data Teams are Agile and Cross-Functional

I was always struck by how the Silicon Valley startups I worked with could do so much more, with so much less. I’ve come to learn, sometimes the hard way, that there are critical elements of the “who” and the “how,” particular to those start-up teams, that contribute to their success. It’s why we named our company for Silicon Valley: a lightweight, agile approach to data-driven product development was pioneered here.

What Your Board of Directors Wants to Know About Big Data

In Fall 2014, Sanjay spoke about “Unlocking Business Opportunity from Big Data” to a group of former CEOs and senior business executives. This Throwback Thursday post shares some questions they had, and advice he gave.