Data Lakes in the Real World: Ask Us Anything

Modern data architectures look radically different as we move towards a new idea of data platforms. One popular term—the “data lake”—has been adopted by industry vendors, but what does it mean, and where is it headed?

During this "ask us anything" webinar we will cover the change in data architectures and their advantages, and talk about our experiences building new data architectures.

After a short introduction we’ll set most of the time aside for your questions and answers. We’ll have our expert architects and engineers on hand to talk about our experiences, from big picture architecture down to the performance aspects of individual systems.

Come and talk to us about:

  • Hadoop, Spark and the big data ecosystems
  • Moving on from legacy architectures
  • Choosing between the many options for data platforms
  • Planning and managing data platform projects
  • The nitty-gritty of running big data in production

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The panel will be moderated by:

Edd Dumbill is VP of Strategy at Silicon Valley Data Science. He is a respected voice in the worlds of data, open source, and the web and has spoken at many conferences on the data lakes topic.

Panelists will include the following:

John Akred is CTO and co-founder of Silicon Valley Data Science. His vision and deep experience with big data has shaped our understanding of how to effectively build and deploy teams of engineers and data scientists to meet business needs.

Serena Cheng is a Principal Architect at Silicon Valley Data Science. She draws from over a decade of experiences using emerging technologies to build business solutions and enterprise architectures across a variety of industries.

Fausto Inestroza is a Senior Data Engineer at Silicon Valley Data Science. Combining his expertise of emerging technologies and cross-industry experience, Fausto helps clients architect big data platforms and build data-driven products.

Who should attend?

  • IT leadership
  • data science leadership
  • architects
  • engineers

The seminar will take place online and will last approximately one hour.

We aim for a highly interactive and relevant event. When you register, we will ask a few questions to help us tailor the seminar.

Registration is free of charge, but space is limited.

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If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.