SVDS Data Maturity Model

Data maturity is defined through realized business value.

Four stages of data maturity: data apathetic, data aware, data critical, and data-drivenBusiness transformation through data is difficult. Industry-leading companies know that more is required than instituting modern technology.

What makes the 27% of firms that describe their data initiatives as “successful” different? These companies can articulate the value of data and make investments across the people, systems, and technology that are required to make change real.

There are many models and frameworks that help companies assess their maturity in data and analytics, but most either look at data capabilities in isolation—devoid of business context—or take an outdated notion of the strategic value of data.

At SVDS, we view data maturity differently.

We believe maturity is defined by the ability to derive value from data.

  • We acknowledge the new level of expectation that companies place on data and data investments
  • We focus on creating outcomes, not simply grading base operational capabilities
  • We help create a foundation for change based on looking at what matters to your business

A maturity assessment is the first step in developing an action plan for change—helping you understand the state of your capabilities, areas for improvement, and how to prioritize those improvements for real results.

Download more information on the SVDS Data Maturity Model below.