PyData San Francisco 2016

Heading to PyData San Francisco this year? We’re giving a couple presentations, outlined below. We look forward to saying hi and answering any questions you have!

Friday, August 12

Applied Time Series Econometrics in Python (and R)

3:00pm-5:15pm in Room 2

Time series data is ubitious, and time series statistical models should be included in any data scientists’ toolkit. This tutorial covers the mathematical formulation, statistical foundation, and practical considerations of one of the most important classes of time series models: the AutoRegression Integrated Moving Average with Explanatory Variables model and its seasonal counterpart. Video available here, and associated Jupyter Notebooks available here.

Sunday, August 14

Mental Models to Use and Avoid as a Data Scientist

2:00pm-2:45pm in Room 2

Using Jupyter Notebooks and Python code, we will present several data-driven examples of some simple, powerful, yet relatively uncommon, ways of thinking as a good Data Scientist. We will also warn about a few dangerous ways of thinking to avoid. Our Jupyter Notebooks and slides will be made freely available after the talk. Video available here.