DataEDGE 2017

The DataEDGE conference at UC Berkeley will bring together senior industry and academic leaders for a conversation about the challenges and opportunities created by the rise of big data. We will be there talking about how to overcome common pitfalls on the way to creating business value with data.

Monday, May 8

Three Popular Ways to Fail with Data Science: How to Overcome Common Pitfalls on the Way to Creating Business Value with Data


Driven by the success of companies like Google and AirBnB, many enterprises have high aspirations for creating business value with data.

However, few achieve those goals. A Gartner study from Q4 2016 states that only 15% of enterprises have big data systems in production, while 30% are piloting and experimenting. The remainder are gathering knowledge or developing their data strategy. This suggests that fewer than 15% are truly successful. In this talk, Juergen will discuss and examine the root causes behind this relative lack of success.