Data Science Pop-up Austin 2016

CTO John Akred is presenting at Data Science Pop-up in Austin. You can find his slides here.

Wednesday, April 13

For the Internet of Things, the More Things the Merrier

As more and more devices are internet enabled, creating the so called “Internet of Things” (IoT), our ability to understand the nature and state of our environment becomes both more powerful, and more resilient. Much of the early focus on IoT has been on the new capabilities that connected devices can bring. However, much of the power and promise of IoT comes from the combined view that multiple, disparate, connected devices can provide.

We will discuss the increased analytical potential of systems that incorporate multiple, overlapping observations of operations or behaviors. We will work through some examples that demonstrate how to benefit from the coming ubiquitous visibility. We will also describe how IoT will help build more resilient systems that degrade gracefully, rather than failing outright. This resilience will be critical as we become more dependent on the successful collaboration and coordination of disparate, connected devices.