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From Defense to Offense: Shifting the CDO Mindset

From Defense to Offense: Shifting the CDO Mindset

Regardless of industry, size, maturity, or a variety of other organizational factors, CDOs are converging around some core ideas of what their role is—and what that means for their mission.

Driving Product Engagement with User Behavior Analytics

In this post, we will look at driving product engagement with behavioral data, as well as building an integrated analytical environment.

Data-Driven User Engagement

The promise of data and analytics for product companies is that they can help you understand usage, and improve your ability to build, deploy, and service products to customers much more accurately and efficiently. In this post, we look at understanding the customer life cycle.

The One Key Skill of the CDO

In this post, Julie talks about the necessary skills for a CDO, as learned through her research for the “Understanding the Chief Data Officer” report.


This month’s Throwback Thursday feature looks at some frequently asked questions about the role of the Chief Data Officer. An updated report will be forthcoming in September.

King of the Hill? The Perils and Possibilities for a CDO

The role of the Chief Data Officer (CDO) continues to gain attention and proliferate as more companies hire them, and others wonder with increasing anxiety whether they should, too. The promise of data and the business value it can unlock is tantalizing, but also somewhat confusing to many organizations — the role of the CDO is, too.