Cassandra Summit 2015

If you are attending the Cassandra Summit in Santa Clara, check out one of our sessions. We’d love to see you!

Thursday, September 24

From Oracle to Cassandra with Spark

Fausto Inestroza and Shambho Krishnasamy, The Allant Group

Want your enterprise to scale out while containing cost? Customer Data Integration is a core Master-Data-Management (MDM) function for most enterprises: being intentional about where to perform your most resource-consuming data management processes, and choosing the right open-source columnar data store, can help. In this talk we will look at the migration of Allant’s CDI-keying engine, built using JMS and Oracle, to an architecture centered around Cassandra as the data store.

Extending Cassandra for Fun and Profit

Gary Dusbabek

With just a few modifications, you can leverage the Cassandra codebase to build new and interesting distributed systems. All it takes is a basic understanding of some Cassandra internals, and some Java skill. In this presentation I will walk you through the practical considerations, such as determining which use-cases may warrant extending or embedding Cassandra, and the steps involved to add new functionality to the database. Participants will learn how they can use Cassandra as a platform for building a custom distributed system, while gaining a code-level understanding of Cassandra internals.


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