You know your business. We know data.


Data Engineering

Meeting the rapidly growing demands to process, persist, and analyze data requires scalable, extensible production data platforms and analytics technologies. Proving feasibility through targeted prototypes that evolve into mature systems can give your organization confidence in functionality and scalability before making large investments in infrastructure, migration, or other efforts.

Data Science

Rapid progress in data processing and storage technologies have made it possible to apply advanced mathematical techniques to larger and larger datasets to reap business gains. Data science brings the discipline of scientific research and controlled experimentation on hypotheses to capitalize on the value which can be drawn from your data. Insights, descriptive models, and predictive algorithms based on all of your data have graduated from research labs, and science fiction, to be attainable.

Advisory Services

All investment and architecture decisions for data capabilities and technologies should directly serve business objectives. Advisory services define those relationships and the corresponding outcomes across the spectrum of business, data, and technology infrastructure domains. No matter where on that spectrum you’re starting, we clearly articulate and justify recommendations, backed by in-depth assessments, industry expertise, vendor relationships, and empirical benchmarking—culminating in clear, prioritized roadmaps that are adaptable to changing circumstances.