Anjali Samani

With a background in machine learning, Anjali is adept at managing and delivering commercial data science projects across a range of industries. She has nearly a decade of experience as a quantitative analyst in investment management, focusing on financial modeling and risk analysis, and is passionate about enabling organizations to identify innovative solutions through effective use of data.

Recent Posts


Noteworthy Links: Fintech Industry

This post shares links that illustrate how some financial services organizations are using data science and data analytics to innovate and improve their products and services and become more data-driven.

Working Effectively in Data Science Teams

On April 21st, SVDS hosted the WWCode Silicon Valley chapter in our Mountain View office; we gave a talk titled Working Effectively in Data Science Teams.

Past Events


  • ODSC West 2016

    Santa Clara, CA

    Join us in Santa Clara as we talk about managing data science in the enterprise, data valuation, and best practices for data visualization.