SVDS at Strata San Jose 2016

April 14th, 2016

Last month, many of the SVDS team were out at Strata + Hadoop World San Jose. Several of our presenters were interviewed on site by O’Reilly Media. If you missed the conference, check out these interviews below to catch up on some of the topics that were on our minds. We’d love to talk more in the comments section about any questions you have, or you can get in touch directly here. If you would like to check our talks, it’s not too late to receive all the slides — just sign up here.

Data formats commonly used with HDFS

Stephen O’Sullivan and Silvia Oliveros give an overview of the different formats you may encounter in the HDFS ecosystem, and some tips for each. Read more about how choose a data format here.

Why have a data strategy?

Edd Dumbill explains why companies need a solid data strategy, and his key advice on where to start. Are you ready to become data-driven? Find more of Edd’s thoughts on data-driven culture here.

Starting out with a data strategy

Colette Glaeser talks about challenges we see our clients facing, and where we start in our journey to help them. Read more from Colette here on some of our advice for starting your data strategy.