Noteworthy Links: September 22 2016

September 22nd, 2016

We’re at Enterprise Dataversity this week in Chicago, and next week we’ll be in NYC for Strata + Hadoop World. In the midst of this busy September, here are some articles we’ve come across and enjoyed.

MoMA Exhibition and Staff Histories—This open data set contains all exhibitions at MoMA from 1929–1989 (1,788 in all).

Agate: A Data Analysis Library for Journalists—Agate is a new Python library that claims to optimize “for the performance of the human who is using it.” Let us know if you’ve tried it out.

GitHub’s Project Management Tool—GitHub has a new, Trello-esque tool called Projects. We love new tools, and are intrigued by this one. Are you going to switch to Projects?

Tube Heartbeat—This visualization shows the “pulse” of London’s Underground, which is strangely relaxing to watch.

Creativity and Data Visualization—A group of artists is turning data into art through an exhibition called Visualizing the Invisible.

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