TDWI Accelerate Seattle 2017

John Akred will be in Seattle for TDWI’s Accelerate conference talking about how to apply data science in industry. We look forward to meeting up, so please let us know if you’ll be there. If you can’t attend, use the form on this page to sign up for our slides.

Wednesday, October 18

Sourcing Data: Finding and Filling Data Gaps

It’s a law of nature that 80% of data science is gathering and preparing the data in the first place. This talk will focus on the first part: how to locate data in your organization, understand if it’s fit for purpose, and what to do if you have gaps.

In this talk, John Akred will speak from his years of experience applying data science in industry, share a framework for evaluating data, and share pragmatic advice for navigating the political and technical aspects of sourcing your data.