OSCON Texas 2017

OSCON is a long-running conference focused on open source technology and communities. We’ll be there talking about our “push button” infrastructure tool.

Thursday, May 11

Instant and repeatable data platforms

11:50am-12:30pm in 18 C/D

Configuring a data platform and data science environment can be a tedious, error-prone process: development, continuous integration, QA, staging, production. . .and often from scratch. Heather Nelson and Gary Dusbabek explain how to create a cloud-agnostic environment combining cloud platforms such as AWS or Azure with Terraform and Ansible that spins up quickly and is easy to configure as required. Heather and Gary discuss their “push button” infrastructure tool and demonstrate how you can use it in your own projects. Heather and Gary will be open sourcing this project.

Topics include:

  • Use cases, such as the ability to bring up the same cluster repeatedly or disaster recovery
  • How to parameterize your cloud environment
  • Creating a data lab for the data scientist, with all the tools they require for their exploration
  • The development and release process, including integration testing
  • How to model costs in real-time to analyze price and desired performance