Enterprise Data World San Diego 2016

Several of us will be at Enterprise Data World 2016 in San Diego. We’d love to say hi, and hear your thoughts.

Please join us for our sessions:

Monday, April 18

Developing a Modern Enterprise Data Strategy

Edd Dumbill & Colette Glaeser

In this tutorial, we explain how we work to solve real business challenges with data, and build a platform for the future.

  • Why Have A Data Strategy?
  • Connecting Data With Business
  • Devising A Data Strategy
  • The Data Value Chain
  • New Technology Potentials
  • Project Development Style

We will also review the options for big data architectures, explaining how the various parts of the Hadoop and big data ecosystem fit together in production to create a data platform supporting batch, interactive and real-time analytical workloads.

Architecting a Data Platform

John Akred, Stephen O’Sullivan & Gary Dusbabek

What are the essential components of a data platform? John, Stephen, and Gary explain how the various parts of the Hadoop, Spark, and big data ecosystems fit together in production to create a data platform supporting batch, interactive, and real-time analytical workloads.

By tracing the flow of data from source to output, the presenters explore the options and considerations for components, including:

  • Acquisition: from internal and external data sources
  • Ingestion: offline and real-time processing
  • Storage
  • Analytics: batch and interactive
  • Providing data services: exposing data to applications

Tuesday, April 19

Organizing for Enterprise Data Science – New Analytics Structures, Roles and Relationships

John AkredApril Reeve, & Chris Bergh

What does a “Data Driven Organization” look like from an organizational perspective? In particular, what are the new Data Science roles and where do they report to in the organization? This panel will discuss the new roles, relationships, and structures in an analytics driven organization.

  • Advanced Analytics and Data Science – is there a difference?
  • Analytics Centers of Excellence, and Communities of Practice
  • Does Data Science work as a Shared Service?
  • What can be out sourced? What should be?
  • Technical and analytical skills required by effective Data Scientists
  • How do Data Science roles relate to current IT organizations? To the business? To Data Stewards?
  • What role for the new C-suite positions – Chief Data Officer and Chief Analytics Officer
  • How does all of this relate to current IT organizations?
  • When everyone claims to be a Data Scientist, how do you tell the real ones from the pretenders?

Wednesday, April 20

What’s Your Data Worth?

John Akred

In this talk, John discusses and gives several examples of how to use methods such as the Value of Information (VOI) framework and A/B testing to assess whether or not a third party data source should be purchased or continue to be purchased. He also shows how mutual information (MI) can be used to assess value of a data source once it is in use within the organization.

Lastly, he discusses the qualities that make data more valuable within an organization, and provide a range of concrete and straightforward metrics that allow the value of data to be monitored internally to ensure that business decisions can be optimized to maximize that value over time.