DataFest Data Summit 2017

The Data Summit event is focused on how data is changing industries. CTO John Akred will be there, talking about agile data teams, and the role of the data leader.

Thursday, March 23

Running Agile Data Science Teams


What’s the best way to pursue data-driven projects? Drawing from our experience with cross-functional teams of engineering, quantitative, and visualization skills, we will highlight the benefits of collaborative teams of experts working iteratively, across disciplines, and explain how to manage these teams to successfully and efficiently deliver data analytics projects.

Panel: Delivering success: The role of the data leader


As we move into the data age, much of the attention on skills shortages has focussed on Data Scientists; the mythical figures who can convert raw data into actionable insight, using machine learning, programming, visualisation and business superpowers.

The reality is that data “is a team sport” and delivering success requires leadership to define, evangelise, deliver and own the programme. The panel will explore:

  • Why data leaders are a key part of any successful data initiative
  • Who these leaders are and their typical backgrounds
  • What their remit and responsibilities are
  • How they deliver success and common challenges they need to tackle.