Bitkom 2017

Thursday, February 16

Does Your Company Need a Chief Data Officer?

11:30am-12:00pm in Room 2

In 2016, the number of newly appointed chief data officer (CDO) positions rose by a third compared to the previous year, according to US personnel consulting Russell Reynolds Associates. In Europe too, large corporations are increasingly staffing CDOs. Silicon Valley Data Science (SVDS) has dealt with the question of how large companies are organizing themselves in order to gain maximum value from the data in the second version of the book “Understanding the Chief Data Officer,” published in November 2016. In a series of interviews with CDOs from various industries (including banks, government, industry), SVDS investigates what makes a CDO successful and what new CDOs can learn from the mistakes of established peers.

Juergen Urbanski, former Chief Technologist at T-Systems (Deutsche Telekom), is responsible for the European business at SVDS. In his talks he covers the following topics:

  • The initial situation of companies where the establishment of a CDO role has paid off (i.e. who has the most reason to create such a role in the first place, what gives rise to the role)
    Core responsibilities of a CDO
  • Challenges of the role (political, economic, technical)
  • Success factors / approaches to meet these challenges
  • Reporting structure and delineation vis-a-vis other functions
  • Personal qualities or properties of successful CDOs