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Advanced Spark Meetup Recap

Our audience of engineers got right into the guts of Spark’s GraySort benchmark win last year with Chris Fregly from IBM Spark Technology Center. Here are a few highlights from the meetup.

Develop Spark Apps on YARN Using Docker

Rather than get bitten by the idiosyncrasies involved in running Spark on YARN vs. standalone when you go to deploy, here’s a way to set up a development environment for Spark that more closely mimics how it’s used in the wild.

Use Cases for Apache Spark

The Apache Spark big data processing platform has been making waves in the data world, and for good reason.

5 Reasons Why Spark Matters to Business

It’s been hard to miss Apache Spark in the last year. Many systems integrators, including ourselves, have also been enthusiastic about it.

Ignition Spark: Mike Franklin joins SVDS as Advisor

It gives us great pleasure to announce that a key member of the Spark team, Professor Michael Franklin, has joined our advisory board.

Flexible Data Architecture with Spark, Cassandra, and Impala

An important aspect of a modern data architecture is the ability to use multiple execution frameworks over the same data.