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From Data Managers to Platform Providers

We are seeing evidence of an important pattern: the creation of internal service platform to meet the data science and analytic needs of organizations.


Noteworthy Links: Artificial Intelligence

Interested in how AI is being applied out in the real world? Check out these stories, ranging from fighting food insecurity, to a very low-level version of a butler.

map with thumbtacks and string

Building Connections

In this interview, we talk about extending the concept of interoperability between multiple libraries in Python into other programming languages, and the pain points this will address.

DeepDream: Accelerating Deep Learning With Hardware

The DeepGramAI Hackathon has concluded, check out the project that Data Engineer Matthew Rubashkin worked on.


Making Spark and Kafka Data Pipelines Manageable with Tuning

In this post, we’ll walk you through how to use tuning to make your Spark/Kafka pipelines more manageable.

Spark Summit: Ignition in the Enterprise

We are excited to announce for Spark Summit 2017 in San Francisco, Edd Wilder-James will be joining Reynold Xin as co-chair of the Spark Summit program.

How to Navigate the Jupyter Ecosystem

In this post, we’ll be talking through a few tools that help make data science teams more productive.

Open Source Toolkits for Speech Recognition

This article reviews the main options for free speech recognition toolkits that use traditional HMM and n-gram language models.

Getting Started with Deep Learning

One way to give back to the open source community that provides us with tools is to help others evaluate and choose those tools in a way that takes advantage of our experience. We offer this analysis, along with explanations of the various criteria upon which we based our decisions.