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From Defense to Offense: Shifting the CDO Mindset

From Defense to Offense: Shifting the CDO Mindset

Regardless of industry, size, maturity, or a variety of other organizational factors, CDOs are converging around some core ideas of what their role is—and what that means for their mission.

Make the Most of Your Data

Making fuller use of the data you already have often allows you to derive the insights that can fundamentally change your business. Our Data Dialogues series can teach you how.

100 Days Data Revolution

You Have 100 Days to Lead a Data Revolution

We believe CDOs have 100 days to get this digital transformation rolling downhill and towards a successful conclusion. If the basic building blocks aren’t in place and moving towards real progress by then, there is trouble ahead.

Rethinking Data Governance

Rethinking Data Governance

What is changing in data governance, how these changes can help you get more value out of your data, and what you can do to adapt to these changes.

Creating a Continuous Delivery Pipeline for a Maven Project

How To Create a Continuous Delivery Pipeline for a Maven Project

We use continuous delivery automation tools and techniques that have become available in the last few years. Here we’ll walk through creation of a Maven-based Java project here and demonstrate incorporating it into our pipeline.

Mind Reading

Mind Reading: Using Artificial Neural Nets to Predict Viewed Image Categories From EEG Readings

Earlier this year, YCombinator-backed startup DeepGram hosted a deep learning hackathon. This post describes the winning project.

Ways the C-Suite Can Embrace Failure

Three Ways the C-Suite Can Embrace (Gulp) Failure

You can’t avoid failure, but you can learn to cope and make the most of it.

Exploratory data analysis in Python

Exploratory Data Analysis in Python

We summarize the objectives and contents of our PyCon tutorial, and then provide instructions for following along so you can begin developing your own EDA skills.

Chatbots in Banking

This post explains why chatbots are rising in popularity with banks, the opportunities and challenges presented, and how data science fits into the puzzle.