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An image of the cover of Understanding the Chief Data Officer, Second Edition

This updated report includes insights and best practices from experienced CDOs to help you transforming your business.

Understanding the CDO cover

This report provides a clear, concise look at how CDOs in high-profile organizations view their nascent role.

Co-written with the good folks at Continuum Analytics, this report will help you remove layers of technology so you can be more responsive to changing business conditions.

Creating an organization designed for data-informed decision is the key to competing in a world that’s being rapidly digitized.

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Agile Build

Data Strategy


Interview: Hadoop Ecosystem on theCUBE

At the Hadoop Summit in San Jose in 2014, CTO John Akred sat down with theCUBE to discuss the Hadoop ecosystem, how larger technology companies figure into the landscape, and how the various new tools can be combined into flexible architectures.

Interview: Spark on theCUBE

At the Spark Summit in San Francisco in 2015, VP of Strategy Edd Wilder-James spoke to theCUBE about the evolution of Hadoop, how Spark contributes to the ability to build a unified platform, and why that matters to business.

Allant case study

Learn how SVDS identified, organized, and prioritized the work efforts necessary for platform development and proof-of-concept execution, and built the data platform utilizing open source tools.

Interview: The Data Lake Dream

From the 2014 Strata + Hadoop World conference in New York City, an interview with VP of Strategy Edd Wilder-James about the Data Lake dream, the avatars of the space, and the parallel between Hadoop and Linux.

Interview: Data Engineering

At the Strata + Hadoop World conference in London in 2016, Vice President of Engineering Stephen O'Sullivan discussed how to select the right engineering tools, where Spark fits in the data ecosystem, and the benefits of offline processing.

How to Establish Software Capabilities: Realize the Business Power of Your Data

In this paper, learn the steps necessary to develop truly strong data systems—from explaining why you should care about software development best practices, to understanding the impact of data and distributed systems on development and operations, and finally looking at the capabilities and practices what will help your efforts succeed.


We love talking with others about working with data! Come find us at one of these upcoming events and say hello.


We love talking with others about working with data! Come find us at one of these upcoming events and say hello.

  • Best Practices for Spark in Production

    Principal Engineers Richard Williamson and Andrew Ray will be on Pepperdata’s webinar panel of industry experts, talking about Spark trends and use cases. Sign up here to attend the webinar, or get the recording.

  • Big Data World London 2017


    Will you be at Big Data World in March? If so, come find our VP of Growth, Juergen Urbanski. If not, use the form on this page to sign up for our slides to learn more about how to determine the value of your data.

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